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love me or hate me.

take me or leave me.

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<3 me
Love me or hate me. Take me or leave me.

I have an obsession with fashion and sports. Television and music.

I love weird and completely impractical fashion, and the style of toning it down into something for everyday. Ashley Olsen, Rachel Bilson, and Tinsley Mortimer are muses.

March is still the best time of the year simply because of basketball. There is nothing like watching your team win the game, the championship.

I can lose myself in an hour of scripted drama like it's my job. Television as entertainment. Television as escapism. Television as art. Television as life.


<3 interests
spurs. aggies. cowboys. the way rain sounds on a window. driving by myself. my moleskine. singing every song i hear. a good book. watching basketball. happiness. life. travel. everyday. the road goes on forever and the party never ends.

<3 loves
LOST, Bones, House, Grey's, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Chuck, Entourage, Food Network, Fringe, Ugly Betty, Harry Potter, Around the Horn, all sports, Bravo

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